Electrik Inc : Coalition d’auteurs jeunesse autour du numérique Come un vent d’ennui, et d’incompréhension ?

Electrik Inc: Group of children’s authors getting on board with digital. Are you bored? This is new!

ActuaLitte, 19th January 2012

This is a new experiment set up by a group of young children’s writers based in the UK. With 50 years of experience between them, they decided to embark on this project in order to better launch their own work.

Their first title will be Kim Donovan’s St Viper’s School for Super Villains coming out on the 7th May 2012. The founders have only claimed one clear objective: to do the best possible with each work.

Underlying this adventure is the fact that the authors prefer to get involved themselves in publishing their digital version, even though they would have a regular print publisher. It gets even better: Electrik Ink are also going to offer a print on demand service.

To do so, they will partner up with Lightning Source UK, allowing them to market their books in print.

On their blog the founders of the project, Janine Amos, Jenny Landor, Kay Leitch and Kim Donovan, explain the different options they offer. For now it is quite sparse, but in time…

This project provides food for thought as well as being a voyage of discovery. So far Kim Donovan and Petherick Button are the first to benefit from it, the first as an author and the second as an illustrator.

Translated by Naomi Baster for Electrik Inc


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