Électrique; c’est magnifique!

Following the article in The Bookseller, we were delighted when news of Electrik Inc made it across the Channel to France.  Electrik Inc:  Coalition d’auteurs jeunesse autour du numérique.  Next stop The Universe and World Domination, as Demon Kid would say!

Joking apart, it was fantastic to see Kim’s cover emblazoned on ActuaLitté’s website.  We scratched our heads a bit about the article’s subtitle, but our excellent linguist,  Naomi Baster,  says it’s all good stuff.  It reads like a wake up call;  ‘Are you bored? This is new!’  Her translation appears on our news page.

It had me wondering how St Viper’s School for Super Villains might translate into French?  All those comic book ZAPs and KAPOWs and KER-RUNCHs – are they universally understood words?  It was the child reviewers from Authonomy who suggested the sound effects to Kim.  She duly incorporated them.  ‘Yes, she is a very good writer slave,’  I hear Demon whisper.

Whatever the French sound equivalents might be,  this book could travel.  ‘To the moon and beyond, hee, hee.’  Pipe down, Demon.  As I put on my sales hat (given to me by Mrs Benn from our earlier blog) these were the first lightning thoughts.  No doubt they will be revised and refined by our excellent team in the coming months;

  • Zap.  First book from Electrik Inc
  • Ker-runch.  Manga-meets-Beano comic book illustrations
  • Zoom.  Rocket-fuelled comedy involving characters with unusual super powers.
  • Hiss.  Set in St Viper’s, where it’s good to be bad
  • Kapow.  More mischief and mayhem than a bucketful of spiders
  • Ping.  Hotline to Demon Kid via blog
  • Roar.  Reviewed by 300 readers from Authonomy

Jenny Landor

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One response to “Électrique; c’est magnifique!

  1. Try Asterix in French for sound effects words. I seem to remember ‘Baf’ ‘Pof’ and ‘Poc’. Worth a look – I have copies if you want to borrow (one of my secret enthusiasms). Sue 🙂

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