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We regret that we are not looking for new members or accepting unsolicited manuscripts at present.


Please contact individual writers


Janine Amos

Kim Donovan

Julia Draper

Kay Leitch


6 responses to “Contact Us

  1. William John Wallace

    Welcome to the world, electrikinc! Rocketmail sounds an entirely appropriate address for success. Wish you joy of your new venture, Mullet and Pout salute you!

  2. You showed up on my CWIG round robin, so I thought I’d investigate. At present, I’m re-publishing some of my out of print books (Walker, Random House, Simon&Schuster etc etc) and blogging on Authors Electric. Check me out.

  3. Given that Kay Leitch is involved, this young company is sure to go far! I had the pleasure of working with her at The Sunday Times Magazine for several years, and you couldn’t find a more professional colleague.
    All the best,
    Stephanie Clark

  4. I filmed Kim at Topping & Co the 15th of June and thought you might want to use the footage. The embed code is
    Good luck with your new ventures,
    Jeanette Weston/Magus Studios

  5. Sorry, missed out the code!

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