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‘I really enjoyed the book the characters were great and she should really keep the Scottish words but there were some words i did not understand like it says in the book “she made a tsk sound” and i didn’t understand that part … but overall the book was amazing and it is great for my age group and when my mum said “sam take a little break” i just kept saying five more minutes i couldn’t stop reading it kept me going.and when i started the book i loved the part when she finds out theres not only 1 body in the ground theres 4.and i will definitely be telling people in my school about this book i know they will enjoy it as much as i did.’ Sam Pettit (from Spain)

‘Treasure This is a brilliant book with cliff-hanger all the way! I could not put it down and was reading it when ever I could!  Kay has a brilliant style of writing and I hope she writes a sequel. Definitely a must read!’  Bishmonkey (UK)        (Reprinted with permission)

“I enjoyed every moment of this book. I don’t normally read teen fiction but this was for a present for my niece and I thought I’d read it before I gave it to her. The story moves at a nice, fast pace, so it genuinely is a page-turner. I liked the characters and all the bother they got themselves into….and especially the little boy called ‘Leaf’ (Kay explains how he got his name). If you’re a teen, you’ll enjoy this. If you’re in your 50’s (like me) you’ll also enjoy it as I seriously think it’s a brilliant piece of active, story-telling…  I hope my niece enjoys it as much as me! and I look forward to Kay’s next books, she surely can’t stop here????!!!” Miss M L English (Vine Voice on Amazon)

“I too have red [sic] this book, although I am nearer 100 than ten (70 to be precise!). I thoroughly enjoyed it. The characters were well drawn in the main, although there could have been a little more depth in the Goth sister of the heroine, Addy. It was good to have characters reflecting a cross section of contemporary family life from younger brother to Granny and Great Aunts. The story maintained a good pace with new and exciting action in each chapter, whilst overall a thrilling climax was reached. I particularly liked the open ending which would allow younger readers to remain involved and to reach their own conclusions about what had happened and what would happen in the future. Very enjoyable!”  Di Tatlock

“A page turner! I loved every minute of reading Treasure This, the excitement and build up had me at the edge of my seat, it had me trying to think up ways to help them out!!! Whilst it may say its for children, we adults can still take a worthwhile trip down memory lane; remembering our inner child, the mystery, and intrigue of a really good book is summed up beautifully with Treasure This. I am looking forward to your next book with anticipation. Well done Kay.”  Coral Turner


St Viper's - book 1Writer Reviews:

‘St Viper’s is like The Incredibles gone bad. And on steroids. A fast-paced, super anti-hero adventure. Recommended.’  Jim Carrington

‘It’s fast-paced, funny, full of action to keep a young reader turning the page to see if Demon is going to make it, and with lots to amuse a grown up reading aloud – not that you should read this at bed-time! (Too exciting.)’  Julia Green

‘Take a mixture of Super Villains from Dark Owls to Demons, add a sprinkling of Robots and Rocket Ships and you’ve got a recipe for a rip-roaring adventure that will keep fun-lovers entertained from seven to seventy!’  Steve Voake

‘As the first book from new publishing venture, Electrik Inc, St Viper’s School for Super Villains bodes well for the company. It is ruthlessly edited, with a fine attention to detail that more than holds its own against traditional publishing houses. It is clear that the combined experience of the team behind the text has paid off.’  Elen Caldecott

‘A well constructed story packed with action, jokes and lots of alliterative silliness to keep young readers entertained, engaged and giggling. It’s like a cracking good theme park ride. Lots of thrilling ups and downs with a promise that you can have as much fun on the sequel.’  Nicola Davies

Bookshop Reviews:

‘When a super hero just won’t cut the mustard you need a super villain! St Vipers is a rib tickler that will have your little fiends hooked. Displaying a talent for gadgets, captivating characters and non stop action this author clearly enjoys her craft. Read better read badder.’ John Lloyd, Waterstones Bath.

Reader Reviews:

‘Read with Me’ blog: A most unusual school. By Youth Service Librarian, Jackie Warkentien.

Read Amazon reviews here.

And Goodreads reviews here.


The Paupers of Langden‘Julia Draper creates real and sympathetic characters and writes stories children will love.’ Sally Nicholls, award-winning author of ‘Ways to live Forever.’

‘This is an enchanting story with a little romance, a villain, adventure, and a spunky heroine. The people that the girls meet on their way, especially the lovely Mr. Wilberswick for whom they keep house, are real characters who warm the pages, a contrast to so many other stories. This is a beautifully written story which reads a bit like a fairy tale and one can look forward to further tales of Lulie.’ Books For Keeps.

‘Paupers of Langden transports the reader back to an age when life was hard… very hard. In a world where the “haves” live in far from perfect harmony, and the “have nots” get along with each other just fine, the author takes you on a journey of snobbery, oppression, intrigue, romance, prejudice, adultery, charity, and conspiracy (to murder?). There are lessons to be learnt by all of us from the convincing characters, and how, ultimately, good triumphs over evil. Can’t wait for “Green Gold”’ Review on Amazon.


2 responses to “Reviews

  1. Jean Leigh

    Why did you search for special books for boys in your last comment? My granddaughter is hooked on Beastquest and I’d hate eher (and her like) to think there was something odd in this. She doesn’t want to be consigned to the pretty fairy boks any more than I did at her age. Please have a thought for the girls and don’t try to put them off what they like.

  2. Hello Jean
    I’m pleased your grandaughter has found a series she loves. I wouldn’t want her reading just fairy books either! In my blog i’m not saying that the books on the list are unsuitable for girls. I know that Silver Street Farm has as many girl readers as boy readers. Parents of 7 – 9 year old boys asked for help, which is why the blog is gender and age specific.

    The big question your interesting comment raises for me is: Are there enough books with strong/inspirational lead girl characters for this readership? Also, what is it about BeastQuest that makes the story attractive to your grandaughter (that she’s not finding in other books)? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
    With best wishes

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