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Buzz. Warning. These books are Electrik...!-001Walking on Gold coverWalking on Gold by Janine Amos.
Illustrated by Maria Forrester.

One girl on a lonely island. One secret, deep underground. One chance to find a family. An adventure for 8 – 12 year-olds, about digging for treasure, family secrets – and one girl’s determination to save what she loves. The story begins when Effie is transported to a wild and remote island, her mother’s childhood home. At first, she finds the roaring sea and howling wind strange after the city. Luke, Effie’s cousin, lives on the island and so does Raine, her fierce archaeologist grandmother. Raine won’t forgive Mum for leaving home at sixteen but she rents them Crow House with its crumbling walls and spiders’ webs. There are secrets to uncover and hidden treasures, too. When Effie accidentally finds a golden brooch, she starts to dig for the treasure chest she knows is right under her feet. Little by little, as she explores its beaches, sea-caves and open meadows, the island grows on her and Crow House becomes the home she’s always wanted. Then it all goes wrong. Forced to take risks, can Effie dig fast enough to save everything she loves?…….. This book is available online from: Amazon.

Treasure This ebookTHEcoverTreasure This by Kay Leitch.
Illustrated by John Dinsdale.

Talk about being stressed out! When 12-year-old Addison finds a dead man in her aunt and uncle’s garden shed, she’s sure they couldn’t have killed him. Could they? Super-sleuth Addy is determined to find out, even though it leads her to more bodies buried in the garden. Her investigations take her into the heart of old secrets and new lies, threatening to blow apart her family and everything she loves …

Available from: Mr B’s Emporium in Bath; the Oldfield Park Bookshop, Bath; and Amazon as print on demand and ebook.




9780957130005_cover.inddSt Viper’s School for Super Villains (Book 2). The Big Bank Burglary. Written by: Kim Donovan. Illustrated by: Izzy Bean.

Readership:7 yrs +

The Syndicate of Supreme Evil needs help with a Big Bank Burglary. Demon is sure he’ll make the team – after all he’s the top First Year now. But a new boy, Copycat, changes all that and soon tries to take over. Can Demon win the battle to be the best baddie?

This book is available on-line from: Amazon



finalViperCover(ebook)St Viper’s School for Super Villains (Book 1). The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery. Written by: Kim Donovan. Illustrated by: Petherick Button.
Readership: 7 yrs +

Demon wants to be the best super villain at St Viper’s but he’s in for a fight. Between masterclasses in world domination, sinister science and fighting with flames, he needs to prove to everyone he’s an evil genius. Now, if he can just survive till the end of term . . .

This book is available on-line at: Amazon


The Paupers of LangdenThe Paupers of Langden by Julia Draper
Cover design and illustrations by the author

Readership: 9-12

The Paupers of Langden is set in a distant past of carts and mud, rats in the scullery and big slices of pigeon pie. Told through the eyes of a mousey servant girl it charts the story of her life doing the bidding of her seriously beautiful mistress. But all is definitely not what it seems: there’s disfiguring disease, some hopeless posh people, some unforgettable bunglenabbers and a thoroughly modern message.

This book is available online from: Amazon


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